Hi! I’m Matt, a CTO, software developer and indie hacker.

This is my personal blog. I hope you find some of the content interesting and if you have any topic suggestions or feedback let me know!

My passion from an early age has been working with people and writing software.

One of my areas of interest is how Functional Programming has influenced and shaped modern imperative programming such as in the front-end community recently. And also the adoption of functional languages themselves in the industry. One of my earliest languages was F# and I have since been interested in immutability, purity, simplicity, modularity and functional solutions to concurrency such as software transactional memory.

I have an interest in cyber security. I read quite a bit on reverse engineering in uni and enjoyed debugging and modifying processes in OllyDbg. I have run cyber security teams doing secure code reviews, pentesting and working with a range of tools for SAST, RAST and security event monitoring.

My passion for working with people came from working with my Dad in the family coffee shop. The cafe was very busy, often with lines out the door. We strived to deliver a very high quality service and product. It ran like clockwork. The few dozen staff had a great attitude. We created an awesome culture of hard work, excellence and fun. My leadership style is mostly based on this.

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